🆕 What is new in AWS Serverless 2023?

🆕 What is new in AWS Serverless 2023?

This blog post collects all the videos I made about launches related to serverless in AWS during 2023.

(this is a post that keeps updating constantly)

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AWS Step Functions

Step Functions Distributed Map

Learn how CyberGRX cut ML processing time from 8 days to 56 minutes with AWS Step Functions Distributed Map

Amazon EventBridge


Learn about the new feature of EventBridge

Learn how to use it...

Learn patterns that EventBridge Pipes help you to implement

Other services ...

Amazon CodeWhisperer

AWS AppRunner

AWS App Runner now supports retrieving secrets and configuration data stored in AWS Secrets Manager and AWS Systems Manager (SSM) Parameter Store in an App Runner service as runtime environment variables.

Let see it in action

More ...

You can find more information about what happened in 2023 on serverless, by reading the quarterly post from the Serverless Developer Advocates.