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🆕 What is new in AWS Serverless 2022?

🆕 What is new in AWS Serverless 2022?

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Marcia Villalba
·Dec 21, 2022·

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This blog post collects all the videos I made about launches related to serverless in AWS during 2022.

If you want to get a summary of the most relevant information in one go, check David Boyne's presentation from AWS re:Invent 2022.

AWS Lambda

Lambda Functions URLs

Check this example using Lambda functions URLS

10GB of ephemeral storage

Learn more about Lambda Storage

Support for Typescript Lambda functions with AWS SAM

Support for Typescript Lambda functions with AWS CDK

Lambda Powertools for Typescript

Feature flags with AppConfig and AWS Lambda

Lambda event filtering

Amazon Step Functions

Intrinsic functions

Unit testing Step Functions

AWS EventBridge

EventBridge Scheduler

Read the blog post for this launch

EventBridge Global Endpoints

Learn more about multi-region serverless applications

Other Services


Kinesis Data Stream On-Demand

DynamoDB infrequent access table class

SQS DLQ redrive

AWS Amplify new Studio

More ...

You can find more information about what happened in 2022 on serverless, by reading the quarterly post from the Serverless Developer Advocates.

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