Tips to improve Audio, Video and Screen share for your presentations

Tips to improve Audio, Video and Screen share for your presentations


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People when they are in the internet find it easier to close the window and stop watching the webinar, if you don't manage to get them engaged.

Keeping the audience engaged through the whole webinar is challenging, but it is not impossible.

Beside having good content you need to have other things in place. Some of this things also apply to on site presentations, but we usually don't need to worry about as there is an AV technician taking care of those for us.

But in the virtual world, we don't have that luxury. And we need to be the content creator, presenter, AV technician and content producer.

In this article I want to show you how to get the best technical results with what you have at home for your webinars. This article is broken up in 3 parts

  • [ ] Good audio
  • [ ] Good video
  • [ ] Readable screen share

Good Audio

Audio can be more important than video. If the audio is bad quality people tend to leave the webinars.


Learn why is important to have clean audio and how you can block distracting sounds in your recordings

There is that is a noise canceling tool, that you can use as a virtual microphone to remove any unwanted noise. The free plan includes 120 minutes of free noise cancellation in the mic per month for free.


Learn about the different kinds of microphones and tips on how to use them.

FOR LIVE SESSIONS If you are going to be presenting in a live session and you need to hear what is happening in the other side. Wear headphones. Don't let the audio from the stream come out from the speakers of your computer. That sound will come back in your mic and there will be an annoying echo, and more if there is a little delay.


Learn general tips to improve your audio quality no matter what microphone you have.

Good video

Now your audio should be better and we can start working on the video. I know you might be tempted not to put your face in the webinar, why people need to see my face? is about the code or the topic. Well there you are wrong. People feel more connected to the speaker when they can see the speaker. Videos with a talking head have a better retention than videos with just static slides for example


Learn about lighting your video with natural light and also with artificial lighting


Learn how to place your camera, how you should frame your video and a bit of recommendation of cameras you can get


Learn about the background setup for your webinars and livestreams

Readable screen share

If our audience cannot see properly what is in your screen, they will stop watching. Having a clear presentation and screen sharing is fundamental for high retention.


Learn some tips on how to improve your slides to make your audience more engaged and included in your presentation


Learn some tips on how to share your screen properly, so your audience can focus on exactly you want them to focus


Learn some tips on how to present code and do a demo for a virtual event, so your audience can see and understand what you are doing