Links for all the AWS re:Invent 2021 announcements

Links for all the AWS re:Invent 2021 announcements

This is a long blog post, and the idea here is just to compile all the launches from AWS in reInvent 2021, with different resources - blog post and reinvent talks. I might add more links as more material start appearing on these topics.


What's new in EC2?

AWS Graviton3 and Amazon EC2 C7g instances

Amazon EC2 G5g instances - powered by AWS Graviton2

Amazon EC2 Im4gn and Is4gen instances - powered by AWS Graviton2

Local Zone Expansion

Amazon EC2 M1 Mac instances

AWS Compute Optimizer

Amazon CloudWatch Metrics Insights

Amazon Braket Hybrid Jobs

Outposts Servers

Outposts Region Expansion

Workspaces Web


Cloud WAN

Direct Connect SiteLink

Transit Gateway Intra-Region Peering

IP Address Management

VPC Network Access Analyzer

Private 5G

Data Out Transfer Price Reduction

Partner-Managed Firewall Offering



S3 Intelligent-Tiering: Archive Instant Access tier

Amazon S3 Price Reduction

EBS Snapshot Archive

  • GA
  • AWS re:Invent 2021 - {New Launch} Protect data and lower costs with EBS Snapshots:

Recycle Bin for EBS Snapshots

AWS Snowball with Tape Gateway

Next generation Amazon FSx for Lustre file system

Amazon FSx for OpenZFS

AWS Backup support for Amazon S3 and VMware workloads


Introducing the new Amazon Inspector

AWS Control Tower Data Residency Controls

AWS Shield Advanced introduces automatic application-layer DDoS mitigation


New Sustainability Pillar for the AWS Well-Architected Framework


AWS Mainframe Modernization

AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces


Terraform Support for AWS Control Tower

Manage AWS Resources from Slack


AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere


Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer

Amplify Studio

AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) v2

AWS CDK Contruct Hub

CloudWatch Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Amazon CloudWatch Evidently

AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET



AWS BugBust


AWS Lambda: Event Filtering

AWS Lambda: Partial Batch Response for SQS

Amazon EventBridge: S3 Data Plane Notifications

AWS Lambda OffsetLag

Amazon EventBridge cross-Region support

  • GA

AWS Step Functions: Integration with Athena Console


AI for Data Analytics (AIDA) Partner Solutions

Data Exchange for APIs

AWS Lake Formation Governed Tables

Amazon Athena ACID transactions

Amazon EMR Serverless

Amazon MSK Serverless

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams on demand


Amazon RDS Custom

Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS

Amazon DynamoDB Standard-Infrequent Access (Standard-IA) table class

Amazon Timestream

Amazon Redshift Serverless

AWS DMS Fleet Advisor


Amazon EC2 Trn1 Instances for ML Training

Amazon SageMaker Notebooks

Amazon SageMaker Training Compiler

Amazon SageMaker Inference Recommender

Amazon SageMaker Serverless Inference

Amazon SageMaker MLOps

Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Plus

Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab

AI/ML Services

Amazon Textract for Identity documents

Amazon Personalize

Amazon Kendra

*Amazon Lex


AWS IoT ExpressLink

AWS IoT TwinMaker

AWS IoT FleetWise

AWS IoT RoboRunner

AWS IoT SiteWise cold tier storage support

FreeRTOS out-of-the-box connectivity