Building AI Apps with Serverless - Resources

Building AI Apps with Serverless - Resources

This blog post collects all the resources for the talk: "Building AI Apps with Serverless"

Code Whisperer

Example: Bed-time story

In this video, you can learn more about the architecture and the design patterns behind the bed-time story generator created by David Boyne. Also in the video you will find a link to a blog post and the code for this solution.

What are Event-driven architectures?

More on event-driven architectures in this blog post.

EventBridge Scheduler

EventBridge Pipes

Amazon EventBridge Event Bus

Learn more about EventBridge Event Bus in this blog post

Example: Automatic video dubbing

Code for this application:

Orchestation vs Choreography

AWS Step Functions

Step Functions Workflow studio

Step Functions integrations

Step Functions intrinsic functions

Advanced workflows patterns and best practices