Building AI Apps with Serverless - Resources

Building AI Apps with Serverless - Resources

This blog post collects all the resources for the talk: "Building AI Apps with Serverless"

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Code Whisperer

Example: Bed-time story

In this video, you can learn more about the architecture and the design patterns behind the bed-time story generator created by David Boyne. Also in the video you will find a link to a blog post and the code for this solution.

What are Event-driven architectures?

More on event-driven architectures in this blog post.

Amazon EventBridge Scheduler

Amazon EventBridge Pipes

Amazon EventBridge Event Bus

Learn more about EventBridge Event Bus in this blog post

Example: Automatic video dubbing

Learn more about this solution by checking this blog post

Code for this application:

Orchestration vs Choreography

AWS Step Functions

I have so many videos related to Step Functions that I will share with you a blog post where you can find them all. This blog post keeps updating as I create new videos related to this topic.

New announcements from Step Functions

Call HTTP endpoints directly from a state machine

Build generative AI apps using AWS Step Functions and Amazon Bedrock

Generative AI for developers

Amazon Bedrock

Check this article about Amazon Bedrock for Serverless

In this video, learn how to use Bedrock with Lambda and Python.

In this video, learn how to use Bedrock with Lambda and NodeJS.

In this video, learn how to return responses from Bedrock streaming back from a Lambda function

NEW from Bedrock

Agents for Amazon Bedrock is now available with improved control of orchestration and visibility into reasoning

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